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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #5

Looking back on the GSRMIMHimmies that got us here:

#10 - Veronica Corningstone's deleted scene from
#9 - Larry Csonka's "Branagh-esque" performance in SnakeEater
#8 - Syracuse's interest in recruiting Tom Cruise in
All The Right Moves
#7 - Carmelo Anthony entertains while he teaches in
Stop Snitching!
#6 - Jim Boeheim as Jim Boeheim in He Got Game

And now it's on to #5. The only children's move to make the list also has the distinction of being the only film on the list not directly associated with Syracuse University. But when an entire film is set in the sleepy village of Syracuse, NY, it has to make a list like this. I give you
Snow Day.

Couple notes on that video.

0:16 - Why is the black kid listening to a transistor radio from the 50's? What the hell kind of statement are you trying to make there???

0:20 - Nice plug for the Carousel Mall. And Fraudmann's Corduroy Shop.

I've never seen the film but my best guess is that the gist involves a bunch of adults, soulless creatures that they are, try to ruin the snow day for these little scamps. Challenges are overcome. Lessons are learned. Fun is had. Hooray.

The synopsis for the film contains the following line..."a bumbling Syracuse family whose town falls victim to a sudden snowstorm." When was the last time Syracuse got hit with a sudden, out of nowhere, didn't-see-that-coming snowstorm? If your point is to make it a shock that two feet of snow fell on the ground, why not set the movie in Pennsylvania or New Jersey where it's a little less common? In New Jersey, you freak out if there's a foot of snow on the ground. In Syracuse, you say "that's it?"

For those who have seen the film and didn't quite recognize anything whatsoever, don't worry. You're not too much of a shut-in. That's just not actually Syracuse. The movie was filmed in Edmonton and Calgary. Clearly, the filmmakers didn't feel the Central New York weather was miserable enough for the look of the film.

Chevy Chase alert! Chevs shows up as local weatherman Tom Brandston fighting for his career. Tom Brandston? C'mon guys, this is the town of Joe Zone and Wayne Mahar! Gotta kick it up a notch with your newscaster names.

Next up is the #4 GSRMIMHimmy, which will be announced later today.