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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #8

And so we march through the annals of cinematic history to find the Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments in Movie History. A quick recap so far:

#10 - Deleted Scene from Anchorman

#9 - Larry Csonka's Kenneth Branagh-esque performance in SnakeEater

And so that brings us to #8. And it also brings us to Tom Cruise. You didn't think Syracuse-native Tom Cruise would get left off the list, did you? In fact, this may not be the last time you see his cherub smile on here.

We're going way back for this one. Way back to an innocent time called 1983. A time when Tom Cruise was just a young pup, yet to be jaded by the mean, mean world around him. His only concern? Getting out of that
small Pennsylvania mill town where unemployment is a way of life. The only way out of town? A football scholarship. I give you All The Right Moves.

If I say the name
Stefen Djordjevic and you immediately think of a young Tom Cruise instead of a 19th century Polish steelworker, then you know what I'm talking about.

The #8 moment occurs during a party scene, as is warranted by all movies about high school football. Amidst a discussion about post-graduation plans, Stefan is asked if he's heard anything from Syracuse. Now I don't know what this exactly says about SU football in the early 80's. Either it's a commentary on how playing football for SU was a great accomplishment even in the those downtrodden times. Or it was a commentary on the fact that Syracuse was likely to be recruiting scrawny, white 5'7'' scatbacks from small Pennsylvania towns at the time.

As seems to be the case with all the scenes in this countdown, it's not online. But you know what is? One of the most homoerotic locker room scenes you will ever see in your entire life:

Enjoy that and I'll see you tomorrow for #7 on the GSRMIMHimmies.