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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #9

Yesterday we started the GSRMIMHimmies with the deleted scene from Anchorman. Today, it's on to #9 and thankfully this time we can actually celebrate something that made it into the actual film.

One note that I forgot to mention yesterday...I'm excluding the work of Jim Brown from this discussion. I know, he's Jim Brown! But check out his IMDB page...we'll be here forever. And plus, in Hollywood terms he transcended his Syracuse roots and became something else a long time ago.

Anyway, we are taking a look at the cinematic work of another Syracuse alum today. You may know former Syracuse fullback Larry Csonka as many things. Football legend. American Gladiator pundit. Hunting enthusiast. Reasonably priced motivational speaker.

But what about thespian? Larry made a couple special guest appearances on TV in the mid-70's, including a turn on "The Six Million Dollar Man" as someone named Larry Bronco. He had an uncredited appearance in the film Midway in 1976 but it wasn't until 1989 when he finally broke through to the silver screen with a memorable turn as "Bronsky" in the Lorenzo Lamas film SnakeEater.

The tagline for SnakeEater was
"As dirty as Dirty Harry, as dangerous as Deliverance." And I have to say, if someone ever pitched me "Dirty Harry meets Deliverance," I would have made that movie too.

IMDB fills in the rest of the "plot" for us:
The Snake Eaters are an elite division of the Marines especially trained for search and destroy missions. This actioner chronicles the exploits of one of them who has become a cop. Known as a tough loner, he returns to find the band of backwoods bad-guys who killed his parents and abducted his sister.
So where does Csonka and his great moment come into all of this? I leave it to Uncle Scoopy at MovieHouse to break it down:
After the plot is completely resolved, there is a comical scene in which Snakeeater, back on the force, captures Horshack the Arsonist. This scene has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the movie, and is completely anti-climactic after the bloody and tragic gun battle. In Snakeeater's corner are two cops, one of who is played by former Miami Dolphin running back Larry Csonka.

Given the presence of Csonka and Horshack, I've deduced that the purpose of this scene must be to present a perfectly realized example of advanced Stanislavsky acting technique. By the way, compared to that other cop, Csonka's performance seemed like Kenneth Branagh in Henry V.
High praise! A savvy marketing exec would slap "Csonka's performance seemed like Kenneth Branagh in Henry V." on the Special Edition DVD and watch the dollars roll in. But at press time, no such release is planned. Sad.

For reasons that remain unclear, Csonka's character was written out of SnakeEater II and III (seriously). My guess is that Lamas couldn't handle the pressure of ol' Csonks looking over his shoulder and stealing precious facetime. The world may have been robbed of more big screen Csonka, but the legend, much like the SnakeEater himself, lives on.

Come back tomorrow for the 8th Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History.