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Go Hold Your Own 7-on-7 Passing Drill, Suckas

Syracuse fans were left...puzzled?...confused?...bored? the events that took place during what was supposed to be the spring game back in April. It was almost as if the Orange wanted to keep everything close to the chest and refused to let the outside world into their own. Seems that's the order of the day as the Orange have now also cancelled their annual 7-on-7 passing tournament.

The tournament, which is really more of a recruiting tool, has been held the past two seasons and has hosted many top signees and current Orange including Cody Catalina, Max Suter and Marcus Sales.'s Ryan Murray explains the pros and cons of such a move:
This approach has its ups and downs, but with only a limited amount of time to have interaction with prospects it might be best for the Orange.

One big pro for the Orange staff is that they will be able to take more time to concentrate on the players they know they want rather than scouring the 7-on-7 tournament looking for new targets.

The biggest drawback to canceling the event is the Orange will not have a chance to get kids on campus to look around and see what Syracuse has to offer.
Intended or not, it's part of a curious trend this off-season for the Orange. At a time when the team is under more scrutiny to show improvement than ever before, Greg Robinson and his staff seem to be burrowing deeper into their hole, unlikely to emerge until August and the beginning of the season. If the Syracuse faithful were confident that the Orange were an improved squad then it might not be a big deal. But the faithful are anything but confident right now. We're downright terrified of the prospect of going 2-10 again and no one is giving us reasons to think otherwise.

Holding a 7-on-7 passing drill for recruits isn't going to erase all the doubts and there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for dropping it that's unrelated to the point. But still...we could use a little more positivity and a little less secrecy around here, don'tcha think?

(Photo Credit: DigitillRyan)