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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #1

For the final time, let's see how we got here:

#10 - Veronica Corningstone's deleted scene from Anchorman
#9 - Larry Csonka's "Branagh-esque" performance in SnakeEater
#8 - Syracuse's interest in recruiting Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves
#7 - Carmelo Anthony entertains while he teaches in Stop Snitching!
#6 - Jim Boeheim as Jim Boeheim in He Got Game
#5 - The sleepy village of Syracuse is shocked to find snowfall in Snow Day

#4 - Some Syracuse cops use hippie-justice in Born on the Fourth of July
#3 - Jim Boeheim discovers his greatest character...Jim Boeheim in Blue Chips
#2 - Adam Sandler wastes his Syracuse Law degree in Big Daddy

Along with the aforementioned Honorable Mention films, there's two more to add to the list.

There was an awkward moment in the awkward movie "Nixon" when Tricky Dick comes out to the Lincoln memorial in the middle of the night to chat with the war protesters and asks where they're from. One is from Syracuse and after hearing that, all Nixon wants to talk about is the football team. Of course, this pisses everyone off -- nice omen for the team. - Neddy

I've never seen it, mostly because its runtime combined with Oliver Stone's direction scares the hell out of me. But if a movie exists where Richard Nixon refers to Ernie Davis as "the one with the blood disease," I probably should see it.

"If A Few Good Men by fine Syracuse graduate Aaron Sorkin is not #1, I may cry shenanigans." - The Glaude

Shenanigans it is. Massive oversight on my part. What can I say other than it was missed. I'm just as God made me, sir. Although Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip may have negated all need to recognize Sorkin for a while...

So let's jump right into it. The #1 Greatest Syracuse-Related Moment in Movie History is...pretty much every second of The Express.

But TNIAAM, The Express hasn't even come out yet? How can it be on this list, let alone #1?'s a movie about a real Syracuse football player wearing real Syracuse uniforms telling a real story and was partially filmed on Syracuse's campus. AND Dennis Quaid is prominently involved. It's very existence on celluloid SOMEWHERE qualifies it as #1.

Hell, they could say tomorrow that they've decided to scrap the film and never release it and the #1 GSRMIMH would still be "The trailer for The Express."

So there you have it. I think we've all adequately killed enough time with this. Thanks for the input and excuse me while I update my Netflix queue so the next time around I actually get this right.