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A Face Only A Syracuse Fan Could Love. Clearly.

The other day I read about a website called Facestat. Imagine if HotOrNot was more extensive. Instead of strangers just judging whether or not you were bangable, they actually broke down the specific reasons for their affinity of you or lack thereof. You can upload any photo, be it a photo of yourself or a photo of anyone else.

Naturally, I uploaded James Arthur Boeheim's mug.

In the category of attractiveness, Jimmy rates a "not bad." We're off a good start. All things considered.

Ethnicity? "White/Caucasian." It's true! The site works!

Trustworthiness? "Probably trustworthy." Tell that to Rony Seikaly.

Age? "56" I'm sure the 64-year-old would take that happily.

So far so good. Then it was time to take a look at how people would describe Jim in one word. And this is where things get weird.

"Intelligent," "fatherly," "kind," "good-guy." Okay, off to a good start.

"Calm." If you say so.

"Awkward." Donte, is that you?

"Pedophile." Wait what???

"Pedophile." Hold on here...

"Pedefile" Is that the same thing? Or some kind of manicurist?

"OnSexOffenderRegistry" Is this a UConn site or something?

"bears-fan" You know this point I'll take it.

With this information I believe your missions are now clear. Take to the site with photos of some other folks, SU-related or otherwise, and report back on your pedophilic findings.