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The East Rutherford Orange?

Let's get this right out of the way...this is a RUMOR. Absolutely no kernels of proof to this at the time of this post (lest anyone later want to point to it as an example of blogger hysteria). But, I think it's rooted in enough possibility that it warrants discussion.

So remember a couple weeks ago when Rutgers bailed on Notre Dame and their six-game football series? It was over the fact that Notre Dame didn't want to play any games at Rutgers, rather they wanted to play all of Rutgers' "home" games at the new Giants Stadium (or whatever it will be) in East Rutherford.

UConn had already agreed to a six-game home-and-home series against Notre Dame under similar provisions, with UConn's "home" games to be played elsewhere, some of which will be played in Gillette Staduim outside Boston and some at East Rutherford.

Now, rumors abound that when Rutgers spurned Notre Dame's overtures, they moved on to another Big East school who might be interested in such a deal. And rumors are starting to point to Syracuse...specifically a 10-game "home and home" that would see all of Syracuse's "home" games be played in East Rutherford. (Donnie Webb originally noted this possibility back in May).

Normally I'd scoff at these rumors until there's some substantial proof to them but I think it's worth noting...this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I think DOC Gross is looking for. We're New York's College Team, right? And New York includes NYC, the crown jewel of the entire campaign, right? And we don't have great TV or radio access to NYC? And Rutgers has a huge advantage in terms of access to NYC? And East Rutherford is just outside NYC?

And so...why WOULDN'T we play a "home" game on the cusp of NYC every other year in order to gain traction and get more notice in the Big Apple? And at Rutgers' expense, no less.

I'm not saying I agree with it, if its true. I HATE the idea that Syracuse fans would lose a home game like that, it's obnoxious, especially given the current climate of SU football. It solidifies Notre Dame as this big swinging dick who can dictate terms and conditions with anyone. It also confirms that the Big East will do whatever it has to do to sate the Irish. And you just know the ticket prices are gonna be jacked up.

Again, I can't possibly stress enough, this is all rumor at this point. But given what you know about SU Athletics' goals and desires, it makes sense, doesn't it? We'll see...