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Don'te Tell Me He's Going In The 2nd Round Now

Donte "I’ve heard anywhere from six to 15" Greene continues to make the rounds to potential NBA suitors. The mock drafts I've seen floating around have had Master Greene anywhere from 13th to 21st. But there's one possibility we haven't taken into much account. Could Donte Greene go undrafted in the first round? According to his latest mock draft, Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen seems to think so.

There's nary a Donte Greene in his mock draft. No explanation either as to why someone who has been deemed "first-rounable" by just about every other pundit out there is MIA. Greene
went #17 in his initial mock draft so somewhere along the way Ian soured on Donte so much that he no longer considered worthy of consideration with your first pick in the draft, assuming you are an NBA franchise. Was it the pre-draft workout? Donte's bench press skills or lack there-of? Does he feel like "The Wire" is overrated and therefore hates anyone from Baltimore? (For the record, I do not think such things...)

So far no word and Thomsen remains an outlier in the mock drafting world in regards to Greene. But it's worth considering. If the shine's off Donte to him, I wonder who else is thinking the same thing?

In the meantime, Greene is finally talking to the Syracuse media again. He chatted with WTVH while in NJ waiting to work out for the Nets. As for what he said? No idea.

If you can get the video to play longer than :20, you win a prize. So hopefully they'll either fix the stream or add a transcript, as Donte apparently talks about any regrets over leaving and the SU fan backlash he faced. Anyone catch it live?

Update: Okay, it's working now. In short, Donte's fine with his decision. He was "surprised" by the reaction from fans, which required him to make some changes to his MySpace and Facebook pages just to keep things clean (which in all honesty is a shame). He enjoyed his season at SU and he's looking forward to being back for a few football games in the fall.