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Don'te Stop Believing

The Syracuse Chiefs want to give you free tickets for you Don'te Leave T-shirts. But it brings up a dilemma. What if you don't own a Don'te Leave T-shirt to begin with? You just cost yourself a level 200 seat for tonight's Chief's game. Sucks to be you.

I'd like to make sure that if an opportunity to trade a Don'te Leave T-shirt for goods and services ever arises again, you're not left out in the cold. In partnership with the owners and proprietors of Don'te Leave Industries*, TNIAAM wants to give you your very own free Don'te Leave T-shirt, a collectible that, like the Elvis Commemorative Plate, grows in value every year.

But there's a catch! The supply is limited and only a few shirts remain. So in order to get one, you're gonna have to earn it. The rules are simple.

1. Find a photo of Donte Greene (like this one or this one or this one)
2. Open Photoshop.
3. Go to town.
4. Send me your creation.
5. Pray.

There's no specific criteria, only what your imagination can come up with. Be nice, be mean, whatever you like...just be funny. The winner (and other best in show) will be showcased on the site as well.

The phone lines are open. Send your best Donte Greene photoshop creation to me by Wednesday, July 2nd. The Don'te Leave folks and I will choose a winner on July 7th. It's that simple. Happy Photoshopping!

* May or may not be actual company name.