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Donte On Donte

Parts II and III of WTVH's interview with Donte Greene are up. Some highlights below...

On how and when he first started feeling that might leave school after one season:
"At the end of the season [I was] definitely playing well. A lot of the mock drafts and a lot of the, you know, scouts were telling me that I was, you know, definitely a top five pick."
So there you have it. Donte Greene left Syracuse because of Thanks, guys.

On his original intentions to spend at least two seasons at SU:
"Talking to Coach Beoheim and talking to Coach [Rob] Murphy, and talking to my family was important. And they were definitely supportive and definitely thought I could do it.
On the risks he faced if he had come back for another season:
"I could, you know, tear my ACL, you something, and be out for a while. Won't be the same player as I was my first year. So, you never know. know, we both got Andy and Eric coming back to the team, you know, they're great players. A lot of shots might not be there."
On his legacy had he stayed at Syracuse longer:
"I think about it all the time. I think about my legacy. Definitely probably would have been up there with G-Mac if I probably would have stayed all four years, you know. But it was definitely the greatest year of my life."
I'm not even touching that one.