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Donte A Little Greener Than Expected

You know, when people ask me how tall I am, I'm no longer going to say I'm 5'9''. From now on, I'm 5'10'' in shoes. That's much better.

Donte Greene made his initial workout at the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando and
the consensus seems to be...meh. Despite his 6-foot-9 "in-shoes" measurement.

Chad Ford was on hand and had middling things to say about Greene, who's foreseen as a huge "upside" guy. His upside may have taken a bit of a downsizing though...
Meanwhile, Donte Greene isn't nearly as "long" as some claim. His wingspan is just an inch longer than his height. But he's still plenty big to play both the 3 and the 4 in the NBA with a 9-foot standing reach.

Donte Greene and Darrell Arthur -- two guys touted for their athleticism -- disappointed many with their poor vertical-jump scores. Arthur also fared very poorly in the lane-agility drill.
You can see all of Greene's official stats here and you can compare them to everyone else on hand here. Try not to notice the bench press numbers...suffice to say Donte won't be matching up against Shaq anytime soon.