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Doc On The Block

You know the rules...anytime the Syracuse Athletic Director makes an appearance on the radio to discuss why the best player on his football team couldn't pass Rhetorical Studies without cheating, I must live-blog it. Let's do this...

4:00pm - Moments away from DOCTOR Daryl Gross' appearance. Of course, we're just assuming that the discussion will be about Mike Williams. I'm completely jumping to conclusions. He may just have very strong opinions about Joba Chamberlain's first start.

4:02pm - Doc sounds like he's bringin' his A-game. Here we go...

4:03pm - Doc refuses to comment on whether or not Williams cheated, other than to say "kids make mistakes." He's a good kid, who supports women's basketball apparently.

4:04pm - Also no comment on whether or not Williams will have a chance to come back. He suggests Axe bring Williams on the show to discuss it himself. What's the likelihood of that???

4:06pm - "It's not even a student-athlete issue, it's a student issue."

4:07pm - Axe wonders about the timing of the announcement, considering Friday was the deadline for season tickets. Gross denies, natch.

4:10pm - "Michael's a good kid and I don't want people to judge him in something that some other people may or may not have been involved with." What the hell was that? Was this a big cheating scam? Interesting...

The convo veers away from Williams and over to lacrosse now and so I think we've learned, or not learned, what we can about the situation. The possibility that Williams was just one in a group of cheaters is interesting, although if it involved any other players we'd know by now.