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Dion Waiters' Facebook Page Is Not Your Playground...Yet

As one talented and extremely confident player leave us, let us welcome another one with open arms. Well, he won't get here for a while but we can already get a peek into the mind of SU recruit and current high school junior Dion Waiters to see what makes him so excited so come to Syracuse before we annoy him enough to want to leave.

Alex Schwartz at Northstar Basketball spoke with Waiters, who was candid to say the least. Some highlights:
NB: What led to your decision to commit to Syracuse?
DW: First because, I just want to play for a Hall of Fame coach, and he lets the guards go, so I feel comfortable in the offense.

NB: [Does] their lack of postseason success over the last two years concern you at all?

DW: No because that’s why I feel as though I can go there and . . . make the [NCAA] Tournament and yeah, I just want to play with Syracuse.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?

DW: I can do everything: rebound, pass, score, [get] my teammates involved. I can do it all.

NB: What are you going to need to work on the most over the next two years?

DW: Moving without the ball.

NB: Were you always planning on committing in your sophomore year, a little bit earlier on, or is that something that just kind of happened?

DW: It just happened honestly. . . . I don’t know how it happened, but it happened.
But my favorite part of the interview had to be this:
NB: What were some of the other schools you were thinking about?
DW: I don’t even know.
I love it. That answer just puts a smile on my face. I imagine Jim Calhoun and Rick Pitino reading that and smacking themselves in the forehead. I don't even know.

The crazy thing for Dion is that he knows exactly where he's going to play college ball but he has no idea where he's going to play in high school next season. The junior decided he doesn't want to play at South Kent any longer but is currently exploring his options. Curious.