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Come Get A Taste

If you weren't there this weekend, you missed out on a great community-wide celebration in Syracuse this weekend (of course if you traveled though time like me, you wouldn't have had this problem). At the Taste of Syracuse on Saturday, DOCTOR Daryl Gross was honored for his NCAA Lacrosse National Championship.

The Doc showered in the applause of the crowd for all of his hard work and the good fortune that came from it. He even took the time to sign some autographs for the kids who traveled from as far away as Skokie, Illinois just for the chance to touch their hero:

Gross even took a little time to show off the certificates of honor that he received from the city for his perilous endeavors:

Apparently the men's lacrosse team joined DOCTOR Gross on stage and I thought that was cute. Nice of them to show their support. Who knows, in time perhaps they might actually be able to contribute to a future championship without the help of the DOC. We can all dream.

(Seriously though, the Lacrosse Event Photo Gallery of the event has nine photos, three of which are solely of the Doc...33%!)