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Carmelo To Return, Syracuse Taxi Services Rejoice

The House That Carmelo Didn't Build But Now Has A Fancy New Banner In Large Part To Him will welcome back its prodigal son on October 17th when Carmelo's Nuggets (heeheehee) play the Phoenix Suns in a pre-season game at the Dome.

Both teams are loaded with former first-round picks, even a couple first-overall picks. Thankfully, it seems SU has fixed the glitch that
noted Grant Hill as among them (he was picked third overall). Don't want them to get sued for false advertising, ya know?

Carmelo, Iverson, Nash, Shaq. Gotta admit, that's a must-have ticket if you're a basketball fan in Central New York, even if it is pre-season. You might imagine that there are many people you have to thank for such an opportunity but in fact, there's really only one.
Chris Cordes, of One on One Basketball, Inc. Don't know him? Well you better.
"This is the fifth NBA game which I have helped bring to Syracuse and it is far and away the best matchup yet."
All hail the Mighty Cordes! Kneel before his presence, for it is he and he alone who grants you audience with these mighty NBA athletes! Tremble before his coordinating ability! Without him, you are nothing!

(Photo: Slam Magazine)