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Blazin' With Donte

Donte "There's An E On The End, I Swear" Greene worked out for the TrailBlazers yesterday. Portland coach Nate McMillan was asked about what he saw and you'll find his answers below starting at the 1:06 mark:

Nate McMillan talks about Tuesday's predraft workouts

The most telling part has to be his concern over Donte's size. He must've said the word size four times so it's clearly on his mind.

But what did Donte think? His thoughts are below. And after a week of bravado and delusions of grandeur, it was interesting to see a flip side to Greene still exists...humility.

Blazers predraft workout: Donte Greene

One of the commenters on the board noticed that Donte bristles with the first question about Joe Alexander. Perhaps there's a bit of a rivalry brewing there.

(Bigtime HT: Richard M)