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Are We Six Wins From Seeing Mike Williams Again?

So as well all know, Mike Williams (allegedly) cheated in class (allegedly) multiple times and was (allegedly) suspended from school for it. Since no one from the University is allowed to confirm anything under penalty of death, we have to move forward with our best guess based on the unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo swirling around the situation, which is always the best way to make such decisions.

So we've all been operating under the pretty solid assumption that Mike is gone for this season. But are we too quick to assume he's done for 2009 as well?
Donnie Webb is on the case:
A student expelled does not have the right to return. A student suspended, well, there's a chance. Hypothetically speaking, let's say the alleged offense took place in the spring semester. If the student violates the student code of conduct by cheating, there is an involved process involving different offices and hearings and meetings behind closed doors. Cut to the chase - if the student is suspended, that student is not allowed to attend the fall semester. However, the student can petition for return to the university by the spring semester of 2009.
My question is, when does the spring semester officially start? Once fall semester ends? At the New Year? Or on the first day of classes? Cause the International Bowl is scheduled to be played on January 5th, which clearly isn't fall semester anymore. Are we six wins from seeing Mike back in uniform sooner than we thought? Am I insane for even thinking this is a possibility? Should I just shut up and accept that Mike Williams is gone for the season and there's nothing we can do about it but cry?

All good questions.