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Ain't No Party Like A Doc Gross Party Cause A Doc Gross Party Don't Stop

Given the current state of most major Syracuse athletic programs, I think we can all agree that we should take the opportunity to celebrate and revel in the men's lacrosse team's national title as much as possible. And so we will.
The 2008 NCAA champion Syracuse University men’s lacrosse team will be recognized in a community-wide celebration on Saturday, June 7. The Orange will appear on the main stage at the Taste of Syracuse in Clinton Square at 6 p.m. prior to a live concert by former SU lacrosse standout Mike Powell and his band "Villain’s Trust."
I guess this solidifies Villain's Trust as The Official Band of Syracuse Lacrosse. Take that, The Fabulous Brine Boys! VT officially opened and will now close the season for the Orange. Maybe they should just travel with the team full-time from now on (Hello Ithaca!).

If anyone ever created a Syracuse Athletics Press Release Drinking Game, and I suppose that person will probably be me, it goes without saying that "Drink every time DOCTOR Daryl Gross is awkwardly shoehorned in" will be the rule that gets you hammered more often than not.
Orange Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross will join the team on stage to celebrate its NCAA record 10th men’s lacrosse championship. The Orange secured the title with a 13-10 victory against archrival Johns Hopkins on May 26. It was the fourth national championship for the Orange under head coach John Desko.
#1 - Why?
#2 - There are three sentences in that paragraph. Two of which are related while the other one has absolutely nothing to do with the other two. Guess.

#3 - How is that information noteworthy enough to make it into the press release?
#4 - How is that information noteworthy enough to make it into the 2nd paragraph of the press release?
#5 - Is there an assumption here that thousands of people around Central New York are having the following conversation at home?

Syracuse Fan #1: What are we doing this weekend?
Syracuse Fan #2:
How bout we go check out the Taste of Syracuse festival?
SF1: Meh. I had Dino BBQ last week. I'm good.
What if I told you the men's lacrosse team would be there?
SF1: Eh...I watched the game on TV. Afterwards I awkwardly high-fived a stranger at Tully's. I'm good.
But what if I told you the Syracuse Director of Athletics was going to be on hand. And more than that, he would be on stage with the team and we could wave to him?

That's all well and good SU but aren't we forgetting something? What's in this for you guys?
Where's the commerce?
In addition to rejoicing in the national championship, Orange fans can stop by the SU Athletics booth at the Taste of Syracuse to purchase 2008 football season tickets.
Rub, therein lies you.