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You Can't Spell Tewaaraton Without R-O-W-A-N

Did you know that an anagram for Tewaaraton is Eat At Rowan? Coincidence? Or simply a genius stroke of geurilla marketing for Rowan University's dining facilities? I leave it to you.

Katie Rowan and Mike Leveille have been named as finalists for the Tewaaraton Trophy, the highest honor bestowed on "the top female and male varsity collegiate lacrosse player in the United States." Rowan is up against two Northwestern players and two Maryland players while Leveille is up against two Dukies, a Virginian and a Johns Hopkinsite. Full list is here.

Anagrams don't lie so the good money is on Rowan walking away with the trophy of her semi-namesake. Then again, Leveille can be decoded as Level Lie. I don't know what kind of bearing that has on his ability to win the Tewaaraton Trophy but if Mike Leveille tells you a weary.

(Photo Credit: SUAthletics)