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Why Are You Clapping?!?

I think one day I'd like to create a book called Stories From Touchdown Town, which would be compendium of funny asides and wacky stories from the Dome bleachers that only Syracuse fans could truly appreciate. There must be thousands of stories and quips. Some of which probably made you chuckle. Others made you feel embarrassed. Maybe even a couple inspired you write a book of your own...

Received this email from reader Andrew about a book, well, idea for a book, and the genesis of the project. I'll just let him explain...
The pictures I've attached are book jackets I designed for an as-yet-to-be (really more like never-to-be) written book on SU's 2007 football season/disaster. It was inspired by my roommate's atomic reaction to the crowd during the homecoming loss to Rutgers. After a Rutger's receiver had covered 85 yds. of field virtually unimpeded, one of Syracuse's defenders decided to make an effort and tackled him at the goal line. For some teams giving up an 85 yd. bomb would be a disaster, for the Orange fans, that the inevitable had been delayed for a play or two, was worth a standing ovation. This complacency, combined with the afternoon's awful display incensed my buddy so much that he started screaming: "STOP CLAPPING! WHY ARE YOU CLAPPING?!?" at the students, parents, and grandparents around him. A venom spewing tirade which alienates not only those being yelled at, but your friends as well, is a difficult feat but he made it look easy.
If there's anything idyllic Syracuse fans do well, it's alienate those around us when our athletic teams fail us.

Even if this book never comes to pass, it's a story we're all writing together. Like a Chicken Soup for the Syracuse Football. We'll all have our "Why are you clapping?" stories to remember from the Robinson Era. We'll be able to laugh about it one day, and in the end laughing about it will be the only thing that keeps us from tracking down and mangling Greg at whatever regional college he'll be an assistant coach at in a few years.

I'm a little disappointed with Donovan McNabb's reaction for a pullquote but then again we should probably just be happy they were harassing him instead of Marvin Harrison.