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The Whitening Continues

A few days ago we saw that the SU helmets were apparently getting some white touch-ups, courtesy of an EA Sports NCAA 09 screenshot. Now it seems that we get some shots of the entire new uniform. Presumably.

It looks like if we learned one lesson from last year, it's that color is not always our friend. The orange pants and lack of any white piping way just too much. And so, if this is what we can expect in 2008-2009, it's a step in the right direction. The white stripe in the jersey makes for a nice contrast and the white number with orange outline is much cleaner. The pants look better from the side (with the stripes) than from the front (just look like plain pants) but it's still better than all-orange. At the very least, it ensures that this will never happen again.

There's some discussion on the SyracuseFan boards as to whether or not this is legit or just a guess by the gamemakers. Considering the licences and marketing involved, I can't imagine the university would allow the game to present the team any different than they're meant to be, so it's a fair bet this is the standard home uni for the season. Much better, guys.

Random note...why are we playing Cal in those screenshots? Visions of a St. Petersberg Bowl to come???