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When Will Then Be Now? SOON!

The 2008 NCAA Men's Lacrosse national championship trophy took its rightful place in the trophy hall of Manley Field House today as part of a ceremony attended by the team, coaches and other SU folks. That very well-made clip reel posted earlier was shown and a few people made some brief remarks as the trophy was placed for all to see alongside the nine that came before it.

If you can believe it, DOCTOR Daryl Gross was on hand and he had a few thoughts on the trophy and what it means to Syracuse:
"When we made this Hall of Champions, we made it for a purpose," Gross said. "We made it to respect the past and represent the future and these guys, the coaching staff, these guys, represented the future by bringing another national championship to the Hall of Champions."
According to Wikipedia, "the future is commonly understood to contain all events that have yet to occur." Being that the events leading up to the championship and Syracuse's subsequent winning of the national championship all took place very recently, but have all indeed already happened, wouldn't this team actually represent the present? Especially considering many of them are seniors who will never play again for the Orange? Is it even possible to represent the future while doing something in the present? Someone get Stephen Hawking on the phone and hash this out.

Sorry, am I nitpicking the poor DOC? Blame Greg Robinson, dude's been silent for weeks now.