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Well So Much For That...

Moments ago on Brent Axe's On The Block radio show, Associate Big East Commish John Paquette not only denied the Memphis and East Carolina rumors but also said that the conference has not spoken to any schools and the author of the original article never confirmed the story with the conference to make sure it was true in the first place.

I know denial was the expected response, but it sounded fairly concrete. Well, it was fun while it lasted...

(Update 4:04 EST: Axe's producer says he's spoken with a different reporter in Memphis who may have some information that contradicts the denial. Stay tuned...)

(Update 6:21 EST: a little late on it but according to Axe, "
The executive producer of "On the Block", Danny Parkins, spoke with Kristin Tallent, the Fox 13 reporter, off the air and she told Danny that she expected Paquette to deny the story and that her source was "strong.")

(Update 6:22 EST: Kristin Tallent does indeed have some, um, tallent.)

And so we wait...