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The Virus Is Spreading

You know my love for Gregisms by now. You must know then that I also fear them. They're cute and fun within the confines of our little Central New York bubble. But if they were ever to escape from our safe haven, they would reek havoc on the world and the diction uttered within.
[Giants head coach Tom] Coughlin said wide receiver Mario Manningham, the third-round pick from Michigan, "showed some flashes" during practice.
It's been a pleasure having discussions with all of you in proper English up until now. Sadly, as the virus spreads, we can all look forward to "showing some flash" and "fightin' the fight" and other nonsensical phrases to describe our day-to-day activities to each other. Blogs contribute to the "complete dumbing down of our society?" No, I think football coaches are doing far worse in that field that we ever could.

(HT: Cody)