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Two Disappointing BCS Programs Enter, One Disappointing Program Leaves

Minnesota and Syracuse are among the most disappointing BCS football programs of the last few years. Both need to improve and they need to do it quickly. The best way to do that? Play each other and the first one to ten points wins.

The Mitch Browning Classic begins in 2009 (possibly), when the Gophers and Orange (possibly) begin a home-and-home series (possibly) in Syracuse (possibly). If it happens, consider this game the reason we
peaced out on Wyoming and made lifelong enemies of Joe Glenn. Despite Minnesota's recent history, it's still worth it to trade up to a BCS team. Especially since it allows the Orange to thenk think MAC to fill it's final schedule slot in 2009 (current 2009 opponents also include Akron, Penn State and Northwestern).

Plus, don't we owe the Gophers a little revenge for the last time we got together?

So does that final slot go to a MAC team or does it go to Notre Dame? Word on the street has been that
Syracuse may been "the other Big East school" in the Rutgers break-up. But since these East coast trips seem to be all about playing in major markets for the Irish, would that mean the Orange would be giving up a home game to play in the Meadowlands? It would be a chance to get front and center with the NYC crowd...come to think of it, I'm shocked DOCTOR Gross isn't already doing this...

Hey, maybe Northeastern is up for a home and home as well? Did we bother to ask?