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Syracuse Now The Official University Of The NRA

The Fulmer Cup keeps track of the misdeeds perpetrated by current college football players. Thankfully, Syracuse never shows up on the leaderboard and apart from the usual late night weight-room break-in hijinks, we don't really show up at all.

Now if there were a Fulmer Cup equivilint for alumni, we might very well win the whole damn thing. Let's run down the list, shall we?
Carmelo drives drunk. Marvin (alledgely) shoots a dude. And now you can add former SU corner Will Allen to the list, at least alledgely.

He "reportedly pulled a gun on another man in a dispute over money." The (allegded) dispute happened
in the parking lot of a Bed, Bath & Beyond. Hey, we've all been there. When someone tells Will Allen the crock pot is 30% off, the crock pot better damn well be 30% off.

Donovan, for all of our sakes, please stay indoors and far away from any firearms and/or sharp objects for the rest of the summer. Thank you.