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Sue Simmons Will Not Suffer Incompetence

Anyone who grew up in the NYC area knows Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough, the longtime news anchor team on NY's Channel 4 station. They were, and still are, a beacon of light from which all the horrible things happening in our community would shine brightly, spliced every so often with a feel-good story about a cat.

If Chuck is the wild, party animal (clearly) of the duo, Sue is the grounded, dedicated warrior of professionalism. We always knew we could count on her to do things right and do them with a level of decorum unmatched by those punks over at The CW.

Then again...

Sue Simmons Drops The F-Bomb - Watch more free videos

I'd like to think that after 25 years of carrying Chuck the way Jordan carried the Bulls, Sue just looked over and couldn't hold it in any longer. Actually it turns out she was upset the footage didn't match the story she was teasing. Oh well. Doesn't mean deep down she hates Chuck any less.

My favorite part, as usual, is the apology. Sue takes the "Well if you were offended, that's your problem" approach that always works so well:
While we were live just after 10 p.m., I said a word that many people find offensive. I am truly sorry. It was a mistake on my part and I sincerely apologize.
That MANY people find offensive? Is Sue under the impression that the only people who watch her newscast are college students and English people? Do the members of the Simmons' household tell each other to fuck off and die when they greet each other? Does she think in other parts of the country, like say Omaha, newscasters drop the F-bomb like it's nothing because in them there parts very few people find that word offensive?

Speaking of how things run in Omaha, Sue might get her chance to find out soon enough...

I don't know what the fuck you're doing, but I'm gonna go watch that for the 19th time.