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The SU-UConn Rivalry Never Ends, It Just Relocates To Turkey

In their always comprehensive round-up of SU basketball alumni's professional goings-on, Cuse Country uncovered that the SU-UConn rivalry knows no borders and no boundaries. There is a MVP vote taking place on the Turkish Basketball League website that's worth noting. I'm sure you have it bookmarked so just take a moment to check back on the site and you'll see two very familiar names among the fifteen nominees. Syracuse's Preston Shumpert and UConn's Khalid El Amin.

Shumpert plays for Besiktas Cola Turka, who at 24-6 is the #1 seed in the playoffs going right now. Shumpy is averaging 16 PPG, which leads the team. El Amin plays for 20-10 Turk Telekom and is 2nd on the team with 17 PPG. Turk is the #4 seed in the playoffs. Using the "best player on the best team" corollary, I have to assume that Preston deserves the honor more.

And so...I voted for Preston. And
so should you. As far as I can tell (the results cut off), Preston and El Amin are locked in a battle for the fan vote, which may or may not sway the final result (hey, it's Turkey). Do it for Preston. Do it for Syracuse. But most of all, do it because you hated El Amin's guts. I know you did.