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Spellcheck Is For Bowl Game Participants Only

They've already had some fun with this over at the Scout board and on the D.O. Sports Blog but I couldn't pass up the chance to mention ESPN's Big East football preview, namely their section about the Syracuse Orange.

At least I think that's the Syracuse Orange. Let's take a look at their thoughts on our starting safety positions:
Two seniors have to be replaced, so both strong safety and free safety will be determined this fall. A.J. Brown, Kevin Scott and Randy McKinnon are the top candidates at strong safety, and Bruce Williams, Paul Tiara and Matt Suter are in the running at free safety.
Paul Tiara? That's a nickname Paul Chiara never thought he'd hear again...

Matt Suter? Any relation to Max? Will we have the first-ever brother tandem returning kicks this year? I feel an ESPN puff piece coming on...

Oh and I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you click on Kevin Scott's name up there. Kevin, apparently moonlighting as a running back for the Humboldt State Lumberjacks, was kind enough to come try out for safety for us as well. He and Kevyn Scott should work well together.

Thankfully, one area we don't need to worry about is wide receiver where Mike Williams keeps scoring touchdowns...and apparently it doesn't matter when or where...we're going to count them.
Athletic officials at Syracuse believe Mike Williams' nine-game streak with at least one touchdown catch is the longest active streak. He has also caught a ball in 20 straight games. He continued that this spring with a 50-yard touchdown reception in the final scrimmage.
Bet you didn't realize that scrimmage touchdown counted towards the streak, did you? And I don't want to see any asterisks when he breaks the record, hear me?