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Score One For The Mannish

A celebration rang out today in Manhattan. A celebration for mannish women everywhere:
A Manhattan woman has settled her lawsuit against a West Village restaurant that allegedly had her tossed out of their ladies room for looking too manly.

Under the terms of the deal, Caliente Cab Company will pay Khadijah Farmer $35,000.

"I'm happy the restaurant has decided to do the right thing," said Farmer, 28. "People come in all shapes and sizes, and they shouldn't be discriminated against because they don't match someone's expectations of how masculine or feminine they should be."

Prsonally, I salute Khadijah. And after seeing what she looks like, I'm a bit surprised there was such a mix-up in the first place. See for yourself in the below photo of her accepting her settlement, which was oddly enough presented in the form of an award.

Granted, a bit of a butterface. but if you can get past that I can't imagine turning down a drink with him. HER! I MEANT HER! DAMMIT!!!