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Run, Nancy, Run

What's that you say? Someone wants to defend the "good name" of Syracuse University? I'm all for that.

What's that? That defender is Bill O'Reilly?


Yes, children, watch and learn as Bill O'Reilly steps up on your behalf to help Syracuse University protect itself from itself. O'Reilly is responding to the work of Syracuse professor
Dr. Boyce Watkins who you've probably see on one of the many cable news shows out there, or if you haven't, you can glean what you need from his own highlight reel. Watkins is something of a talking head in regard to racism in America, race relations and the need to pay college athletes. O'Reilly presumably wanted to confront Watkins on his opinions about race in the Presidential race where he's quite outspoken. Naturally the best way to do this was to ambush Watkins' boss, SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor. Enjoy.

Couple things to go back and watch:

1:39 left - As the "reporter" identifies himself as being with The O'Reilly Factor and Fox News, Cantor does the "ohhhhh shit" backstep, which is actually a lesser-known square dancing move.

1:27 left - Nancy puts a fantastic swim move on the "reporter." Are we sure her eligibility is up?

1:24 - Cantor's walking buddy has pulled a fantastic "exit, stage left" on her. I'm sure that won't factor into his review for tenure in a few months.

:55 left - Is it me or was the "reporter" a little too excited to be able to say the word negro out loud?

:42 left - The D.O. Sports Blog's Matt Gelb says it best,
"Anyone else find it funny that she shields the "press" (I’ll use the term loosely, here.) by running into the self-proclaimed free speech center of campus?"

Watkins has already responded to O'Reilly's attack report:

Good work, Bill. You truly are a man of the people. Unless of course those people are working the cameras at your TV show.

Bill O'Reilly Goes Crazy - Watch more free videos

Via D.O. Sports Blog

(Ed. Note - Wait a minute, is that Professor Steven Brechin a.k.a. Nancy's husband sharing a walk with her and abruptly leaving her out to dry all alone on cable television? Yikes...)