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New York's College Team Indeed

If the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team wants to return to the Final Four, they'll have to live up to the lofty standard set by their marketing department. The Orange continue their quest to regain elite status when they take on the Golden Griffins of Canisuis (10-5) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. They'll host the Buffalo-based school on Saturday at 7:30pm. If they win, there's a good chance they could face the team that just beat them, nearby Colgate, although the Raiders would have to get past #6 Notre Dame first. Peep the full bracket here.

The ACC continues to dominate the landscape, with three of the top four seeds (#1 Duke, #2 Virginia, #4 North Carolina) and all four teams from the conference made the tournament yet again (#7 Maryland). If the Orange advance to the Final Four, they'll have their rematch with Virginia, who was unkind enough to beat the Orange earlier this season (as well as last).

Inside Lacrosse breaks down the brackets, including who was the biggest snub (#10 Georgetown) and who benefitted the most from the matchups, location pairings and seedings (Syracuse).

If you feel so inclined, make sure you head over to HoyaSuxa, who is taking much pleasure in the G'town snub, to participate in the 2008 Hoya Suxa Men’s Lacrosse Tournament Spectacular. Make your picks for who you think will advance and win the NCAA Tournament and you can win...well...I'm not entirely sure you win anything. But you'll be able to brag to people about how you putsmarted a bunch of bloggers with your lacrosse knowledge. That'll be a hit at parties.