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  • Erica Morrow and Chandrea Jones led the way at the Women's Basketball awards banquet last night...SUAthletics
  • Donte Greene's not so cool, ANYBODY can declare for the NBA draft. Even this guy...DraftFeinstein
  • According to this guy, Donte Greene made the right move...although if he went back it wouldn't be so bad either...Rivals
  • Jim Boeheim is on the special task force to find out what's wrong with lagging graduation rates among college basketball players...Baltimore Sun
  • Five Big East teams in this guy's College Football Preseason Top 25...CBS Sportsline
  • Jeremiah Rivers, he who was in Jonny Flynn's grill for that three-point shot that would have beaten the Hoyas, is transferring. The second Hoya to do so in as many weeks...The Hoya
By the way, my favorite rumor du jour making the rounds on the Intertubes is the "Paul Harris is exploring his options in Europe" one. Supposedly Harris' grades are going to prevent him from playing next season and since he's not NBA caliber yet, that's his best option. If I thought this was even slightly possible I probably wouldn't mention it, but...COME ON...

(Photo Credit: SUAthletics)