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It's Donatin' Time!

Great post by Josh at Cuse Country detailing the spring fundraiser letter he received in the mail. From the grammatical errors to the mysterious mailing address acquisitions and the most expensive parking spot in Onondaga County, it's a great rundown.

My favorite part though has to be donation form itself. It lists all of the sports you can specifically direct your contribution to. And not just active sports. Recently-abandoned sports as well.

I love the thinking behind this. You would think that SU would want to draw attention away from the fact that Swimming and Diving is no longer an option for your donations since the entire program is being phased out. Instead, they do the one thing that is sure to attract the most attention possible to anyone looking at the sheet. Bravo. Can somebody buy SU Athletics some black Sharpies, please?

(Turns out the highlighting was not SU but Josh. Drats. Still doesn't change the fact that SU left their soon-to-be-defunct programs on the donation sheet. Perhaps as a way to trick people into donating and then using that money for a new vending machine in the athletic office?)

Oh, and I didn't miss that box on the bottom where I have the option to include Syracuse Athletics in my will. I'd be up for it, only if I could ensure that it goes towards having Mini-KISS on staff to perform at any halftime of any Syracuse athletic contest. That's money well invested.