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Is The "Gunslinger Mentality" Innate Or Learned?

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Picture if you will...a Syracuse football jersey with the name of Favre on the back. It's possible.

No, Brett hasn't suddenly decided to petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility in a desperate attempt to play another year. Actually, I'm referring to Dylan Favre, Class of 2010 quarterback for St. Stanislaus High School in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and nephew of one Brett Favre.

The Orange are officially on the interest list for Dylan, which also includes heavy-hitters such as Alabama, Auburn and Florida.
Now lest you think Dylan is just attacting attention based on his DNA, although I'm sure it doesn't hurt, Little Favre threw for 36 touchdowns and 3,092 yards in 2007. He was also named to the 1st team All-South Mississippi Team.

As for the
impending comparisons to his uncle which will follow him his entire career and beyond...
"There will always be comparisons to Brett," Dylan said. "I won't let that bother me. I just go out and do the best I can. Not many people in football can play like Brett Favre."
One area that Dylan feels he can trump his uncle? Acting. So says his MySpace page where in describing There's Something About Mary as one of his favorite movies, he opines "my uncle sucks like hell at acting in that movie." Amen to that.

And how does Unkie Brett feel about his nephew's ability?
"Dylan has great poise," the Green Bay quarterback said. "If Dylan continues to work hard, mature, study and learn offenses, he has a chance to be pretty good."
Along with the big three SEC schools, Favre is also being recruited by his uncle's Alma mater (So. Miss) and two schools known for wide-open, QB-friendly offenses (Hawaii and Texas Tech). Makes you wonder how Syracuse got involved and what we can bring to the table by comparison.

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