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If You're On Meth, Don't Look. Then Again, If You're On Meth You Sold Your Computer A Long Time Ago Anyway

If you haven't checked out the fun their having with Montana's Anti-Meth Ads over at The Great Barstoolio yet, I suggest you do. Apparently Montana was running some extremely graphic and gross ads on billboards and in newspapers to detract kids from doing Meth. So graphic were the ads that they've been removed and have since gained some notoriety (which probably accomplished the goal much more so than leaving them up would have).

As you can imagine, graphic imagery involving drug-addled teens in compromising situations and sharply-pointed messages means only one thing...sports blogs, the scourge of the world, would get their mitts on them and have a little fun.

My favorite? You didn't really have to ask, did you?