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Getting To Know Wesley Johnson

Wesley Johnson may end up being just another guy who mentioned interest in Syracuse but we never hear from him again. But just in case he actually plops onto Jim Boeheim's radar and into Syracuse's lineup in 2009, I thought it might be worth it to investigate, find out who this guy is and why he'd want to leave scenic Ames for the hidden treasures of Central New York?

Alex over at Clone Chronicles was nice enough to answer a couple questions. Let's get our learn on:

TNIAAM: Why should Syracuse go after him?

CC: As a freshman, he would have been the Big 12 freshman of the year if it wasn't for that Durant guy. As a 6-6 guy playing the 4, he was a pretty good bet for a double-double in nearly every game. He's got sick athleticism and can play from the 2 to the 4. Has an incredibly sweet midrange jumper, and can knock down the three, even if he shoots it too much. Overcomes his lack of bulk by having a knack of getting to the rebound.

TNIAAM: Why should Syracuse steer clear of him?

CC: He played on a fractured foot all year, so he's got injury concerns, I guess? There's been remarks about how he's handled leaving Iowa State from bitter Cyclone fans, but I really wouldn't steer clear of him.

Is there more to the story as to why he's transferring?

CC: I don't know for sure, but there were concerns about his handling of McDermott's coaching. Of course, if he thought Mac was rough, I don't know how he'd handle Boeheim. I just think that when assistant coach Jean Prioleau left - his lead recruiter - it was the final straw.

As far as you're concerned, sorry to see him go or good riddance?

CC: Sorry to see a player of his talent go, but I don't want anyone here that doesn't really want to be here.

If Cuse gets Wesley Johnson, I would have to imagine Orange fans would quickly fall in love with him. He's capable of the highlight reel dunk, but it's his athletic ability and total results that will impress you guys the most.

Thanks to Alex, and now let's see if anything comes of this...