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Get Your Gorman Goods

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Either someone needs to check and make sure Matt Gorman's apartment hasn't been broken into or the former Orange center is unloading some valuables all over the eBays.

So far, Gorman's game-worn jersey, game shorts and velour warmup suit have all gone the way of the bidders. For just $250, you
could have worn a Matt Gorman jersey with pride to the next Syracuse home game. For only $50, you could have worn authentic Cuse shorts in your next pick-up game in stead of those ratty Umbros you refuse to throw away cause you scored three goals while wearing them once at sleepaway camp. And for $100 you could have worn the warm-up suit and, without warning, ripped it off as you entered the supermarket to go buy a pack of Oreo Cakesters. Alas...

Gorman, who currently makes a living playing for the
Neptune basketball squad of the Irish League, may just be looking for a little extra spending money. Perhaps to buy himself a profile photograph that doesn't make him look like a molester.

If this really is a case of Matty selling off his prizes possessions for a little extra coin, that actually makes me feel pretty sad. Especially when I think about the many, many people involved with the NCAA and Syracuse University who never picked up a basketball during Gorman's four years and yet made plenty of money off of him and his teammates. Hopefully he's got a few extra jerseys lying around in his parent's basement.

And hey, even if Matt's not doing well off the court in Ireland, he's certainly holding his own ON the court.
[DCU Saints’ long serving coach Joey Boylan] had to endure his side succumbing to the prowess of Neptune’s Matt Gorman.
I think we know what they're talking about. We've succumbed to Matt's "prowess" ourselves...