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From Now On I Book All Vacations In The Summer

Last Thursday, I started a four-day vacation and left Syracuse Athletics in your care. I trusted you'd be able to handle things. I mean, there wasn't much going on anyway. Before I left, Syracuse Men's Lacrosse was #2 in the nation, their recruiting class was a pristine vision of humanity and respect for life, Derrick Coleman was alive and Marvin Harrison was a shining example of citizenship and a fine representative of Syracuse.

I come back and what do I find?
SU Lax loses and ends up a #3 seed (as I stupidly predicted), a lacrosse recruit is arrested for murder!, Derrick Coleman needs a new heart (apparently not),and Marvin Harrison is shooting people (allegedly)!!!.

Clearly, you people aren't ready for this kind of responsibility yet.

And here I was, excited to tell you all that Lou Ferrigno was on my flight to and from NYC (sitting in coach both times...guess those Hulk residuals ain't what they used to be). But that's neither here not
there now.

One positive did come out of the weekend though. I had actually just heard about the Harrison thing and was in a state of confusion. I didn't know what to to feel. My entire Syracuse-related existence was crumbling before my eyes as I sat in traffic in the middle of New York City. And then...just in a moment of my darkest despair it happened...

Thank you, DOCTOR Gross. Your marketing campaign was there when I needed it most. And while one might wonder what the value is of having these taxi ads run when there are no football or basketball games going on, I say nay to that. It needs to be there. To remind us all, that no matter who our future and former students attempt to murder and no matter how many games we lose to in-state teams in every sport we play, we are geographically located in the state of New York and the people of Manhattan have a right to know this. And no one can take that away from us. No one.