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A Draft Post That Doesn't Involve Donte Greene

The MLL Draft was last night (but you already know stayed up to watch it, didn't you?) and quite a few Orange were on the list of names called.

The Axeman did a rundown so concise and so details that any attempt I made at a recap would be asinine by comparison, so let's just look at what he said, shall we?

Mike Leveille to New Jersey (then Chicago) at # 3
Leveille is going to be a name mentioned more than Ditka this summer in Chicago as Mike will now be teamed up with his brother Kevin, who is leading Chicago in scoring so far this season with 5 points (4g, 1a), a mark Mike will surely compete with his brother for.

(Wait...the season STARTED ALREADY? WTF?)

Steven Brooks to Chicago at # 6
Chicago has got to be thrilled to now have two of the three top scorers from the NCAA National Champion on their roster and Brooks must be thrilled to be going back to his hometown to play.

Kyle Guadagnolo to Rochester at #18
It was a surprise to hear Guadagnolo's name so early in the draft, but then the surprise fades when you remember that former Orangeman Regy Thorpe is an assistant coach for the Rattlers. Thorpe must have seen a lot of his game in Guadagnolo and has to be excited about coaching him this season.

Danny Brennan to New Jersey at # 21
The most important player in Syracuse's title run gets rewarded by going pretty high in the draft...He joins former SU players Joe Yevoli and John Glatzel in Jersey.

Brendan Loftus to San Francisco at # 25 Loftus was an interesting move here for the Dragons. He did have some big goals in the Final Four, but to be honest, I am really curious what San Fran liked about his game so much to pick him this high.

According to Axe, the live draft telecast was...amusing. And they had players on-hand in suits waiting for their names to be called??? Why didn't someone tell me this...I got stuck watching "So You Think You Can Dance" for two hours and I could have been watching Danny Brennan sweat through his blazer instead? Dammit!!!

In the afterglow of the championship and after spending the evening in the warm embrace of the MLL, 93% of all Syracuse lacrosse fans all collectively thought the same things to themselves last night...
"You know, that's it...I'm going to an MLL game this year. No doubt. Gotta do it. When does the season start? It already did? Perfect! Wait...who's my team? We have a team, right? Oh wait...I said I'd go to Six Flags that day with Jimmy and Sally. Alright, well, next year...I'm SO going..."
Before you ask, yes, 93% of all Syracuse lacrosse fans know a Jimmy and Sally, both of whom are at an appropriate age for enjoying a theme park for a day. It's called a coincidence.

And for the record, I have attended a MLL game and it was a lovely experience. Yes, I said lovely. I watched the New Jersey Pride play the...someones...and it was a great experience and if I were you I'd drop Jimmy and Sally off at Six Flags, throw'm $20 for cotton candy and head on over to the game instead. But that's just me.