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Donte Gets Mocked

Now that we know the official NBA draft order, we can begin the final step in the Donte Greene Recovery Process, acceptance. If mock draft are to be believe, and why shouldn't they be, Greene is officially in the running for a lottery selection. According to ESPN's Chad Ford, Greene will go 15th to the Suns:
Greene is a steal if he slips this far. He has the potential to be a Shawn Marion-type combo forward in the pros. While his game is still raw, he has great length and athleticism and an emerging perimeter game.
DraftExpress says why wait and sends Donte to Sacramento with the 12th pick. Meanwhile says not so fast and drops Donte down to #19 and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Orange Sequeeze noted that a recent ESPN Insider article says Greene has officially signed with Bill Strickland and Blue Equity, but no official word yet. Still, do we really need to wait for official word at this point? Donte's off to seek fame and fortune and we need to move on. And so we shall...

(Photo: ESPN)