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Demetris Nichols Is People Who Knows People

When last we left young Demetris, we thought he was logging way too many minutes on the Chicago Bulls pine to garner serious consideration for the 2008-2009 season. But apparently we underestimated young squire Nichols. We forgot all about his ability to make friends and influence people.

As noted in the Daily Herald (via CNY in the Pros):
The Bulls' only unrestricted free agents this year are fourth-year guard Chris Duhon and second-year guard Shannon Brown. Neither is expected back. Rookie guard Demetris Nichols is restricted and has supporters in the Bulls' front office.
Hooray for contract restrictions! Hopefully this means Demetris can put down some roots for once, although with a new coach on the way, new draft pick arrivals and the way the real estate market is at the moment, I wouldn't invest in that brownstone in Lincoln Park just yet.

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