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C'Mon...All The Cool Alumni Are Doing It

Regardless of whether or not they actually perpetrated the crimes of which they've been accused, Marvin Harrison and Will Allen have brought a dirty, undeniable truth into the forefront.

All former Syracuse football players carry guns.

All of them.

So naturally, the question isn't, "will another gridiron alumni allegedly brandish a weapon to scare and/or inflict harm on another person?" It's "when will another gridiron alumni allegedly brandish a weapon to scare and/or inflict harm on another person?" Who wants to take bets?

Art Monk

Of course, had he been passed over yet again for the Hall of Fame, we'd probably be looking at 2/3 right now.

Ron Rob Konrad

Given the volatilty of the current financial market, who's to say the president and CEO of Allen Konrad Asset Management isn't an interest rate hike away from going postal on the Federal Reserve? (And due to my inability to fact check, I'm the next most likely person on his list)

Troy Nunes

Can't you imagine Troy sitting in the Barca Lounge chair in his darkened apartment while watching Andrew Robinson throw fifty-yard bombs, muttering to himself about how much he could have done if he had a Mike Williams to throw to. Then again, maybe he doesn't watch Syracuse football at all for fear that someone will mention him. Probably for the best in that case.

Quintin Spotwood

"I was a first-team All Big Eastern Specialist, Dammit! You have no idea who you're messing with!" I'm assuming this happens every time Quintin walks into an Arby's. I'm pretty sure the man has earned the right to get his Bacon Beef'n Cheddar comped, buddy.

Larry Csonka

He's an avid hunter. How avid? He sells autographed photos of himself and his kills on his website. Think about're out in the Alaskan Wilderness with your huntin' buddy. The brush is thick. The cold plays tricks on your senses. You see something's shoot. Was it a moose? Or was it just Skeeter takin' a piss at the wrong place, wrong time?

Donovan McNabb

It's his 10th season (!!!) dealing with Philadelphia fans, most of whom the cry for his dismissal has only grown louder and more obnoxious. He's got someone named Kevin Kolb breathing down his neck. He's got no one to throw to. And every time the Eagles lose and/or he doesn't throw for 300 yards & 3 TDs a talking head somewhere will say the Eagles should cut him or bench him or trade him or throw him in jail for crimes against Eagles fans. You'd shoot someone too.