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Boston Been A Berry Berry Good To Us

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A few, inconsequential things happened over the weekend, let's recap.

The weekend seemed like it was getting off to a great start on Friday with the Women's Lax Final Four match-up of mighty Northwestern and Syracuse. Evil Gary Gait seemed to be making a difference as the Orange hung tough and trailed the #1 Wildcats 6-7 at halftime. But in the second half the roof caved in. Northwestern scored scored 28 seconds into the second half and never looked back during a 9-0 scoring run. They eventually won 16-8.

Northwestern seemed to have mastered the art of shutting down Katie Rowan, who was held scoreless. The last time Rowan had been held in check like this...also the last time they played the Wildcats. Congrats also due to Northwestern for going on and winning the national title for the 4th consecutive year. How's that for a senior class?

Certainly there was no shame in losing to the Wildcats since the season as a whole was a huge success for the Orange. Their first Final Four, and with Rowan returning hopefully not the last. Coach Gary Gait is certainly thinking long-term:
"We took a great step in building the program this season," said first-year head coach Gary Gait. "We worked hard this year. Playing in the national semifinals was a great experience for our players. We will continue to build on the success we had this season."
Mentioned last week the somewhat-unappreciated rivalry that is Syracuse-Virginia. And as expected, we can add another amazing game to the list.

What more could you want from the Final Four match-up? A come-from-behind regulation finish. Double overtime. Amazing plays, near-misses, saves, shots and scores. Seriously, how will they top this one? Well I guess if you're a Virginia fan, you top it by winning next time cause this time, Syracuse won and advanced to the National Championship game.

The Orange scored five of the game's seven fourth-quarter goals, rallying from a 9-6 deficit at the onset of the period and a 6-3 disadvantage at the intermission. The win improves Syracuse's record to a flawless 4-0 when trailing after two periods.

Mike Leveille was the difference maker with seven points overall and the game-winning wrister in double OT to seal the deal. Check out this fantastic recap video to get all Cuse-y inside:

Almost everyone started mentally preparing themselves to face Duke. But of course, that's why they play the games. You can officially start using the term "I own you like Hopkins owns Duke" in regular conversation because it's true. Duke may beat Hopkins in the regular season but when it counts the Blue Jays make the Blue Devils their bitches. For the third time in four seasons they ended Duke's season, this time a 10-9 win.

For some, it was a vindication from the "unfair" decision to grant some Duke players an extra year of eligibility after the rape scandal cost them a season. If anything, I think it proved that
at the end of the day it was irrelevant whether or not being a fifth-year senior really presented any advantage at all...clearly it wasn't good enough to make it to the championship game. Moot least until the next lacrosse team expose (half-kidding...).

God's day. We rest. And pray...for victory.


13-10. Champions.

Vindication? Is that the word I'm looking for? A year removed from their worst season in over twenty years, the Syracuse lacrosse program's return to glory was about as quick an ascension as we've ever seen. When was the last time a team won it's 4th national title in 8 seasons and it felt like an amazing feat? Shouldn't this be old hat? It felt like anything but...

Massive appreciation going out to the laxers who brought back a little joy to the Hill when we needed it. With football severely lacking and basketball going through a down cycle, we were counting on this team to at least get back to where they're supposed to be and they ended up doing so much more. There's a lot of memorable teams in SU lacrosse history but I think these guys will have a special place f
or what they did and when they did it.

With their tenth title, Syracuse now takes the lead overall. Hopkins is still at nine while Princeton has six. With their fourth title of the decade ('00, '02, '04, '08) the Orange also stake their claim as the Team of the least assuming Virginia doesn't win-back-to-back titles in the next two seasons.

Of course, not everyone was so pleased with the result:

Eat that crow!

So many links and notes to pass along. Here we go:

Reader Scott was on-hand for the celebration and he sent over links to his photos album and this note: "Dr. Daryl injected himself big time into the on field celebration after the lacrosse championship today. He demanded on a team picture with him holding the trophy. What a douche." Of course he did. Scott, when you read today's press release "Doctor Gross leads Syracuse Lacrosse to National Championship," you'll understand. Check out Scott's many photos here and here. (Facebook login required)

Inside Lacrosse breaks down why the Orange won.

Brian over at Orange44 was on hand for the Virginia game and the Hopkins win.

John Desko, consider yourself redeemed.

Inside Lacrosse learned a few things this weekend.

The 1983 team, the first national champs, were honored at halftime.

Four Orangemen made the All-Tourney Team. has some video of the celebration and post-game interviews.

Dana O'Neil appreciates the long, strange trip the Syracuse seniors have taken.