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Begs The Question, Who WANTS To Be The Face Of This Program?

ESPN is doing another one of their cockamamie think pieces because they really want to know what you, you know, THE FAN...thinks! Actually, the sales team just needed a reason to sell advertising space to CDW and this was the best they could come up with. Whatever works for you.

This time it's called
Face of the Program and I'll let them explain:
Every football school has a Face of the Program, that iconic image you think of when talking football on campus. Here's your chance to help define who or what that is. Is it that fabled coach? A legendary player? A memorable play? A unique mascot? SportsNation is taking all suggestions as you help decide the Face of the Program.
So who is it for Syracuse? Jim Brown? Ernie Davis? Coach Mac? Patrick Shadle?

Some Cuse fans have already chimed in and I think it's best to trust them to deliver the truth. Some of their thoughts so far?

"Lets be serious, #5 Donovan McNabb"
- ddc140 (Let's be silly. Donovan would want it that way.)

"mcnabb. the only actually good thing to come out of 'cuse football program."
- tecate388 (I'm glad SOMEONE is finally calling bullshit on Jim Brown and Ernie Davis. And Larry Csonka. And Marvin Harrison. And Jim Morris. And Floyd Little. And Art Monk. And Keith Bullock. And Dwight Freeney. And Don MacPherson.)

"The Legacy of "44". No question. The zip code ends in "44". The campus telelphone prefix includes "44". The SU Holy Trinity of Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little all wore it and its the only number retired for football.The number carries over to basketball as well: Derrick Coleman and John Wallace both wore it and led their teams to the NCAA Finals. Lacrosse's famed number, 22, is obviously 1/2 of 44." - lwowen18 (22 is WHAT NOW? My mind is hereby blown.)

"Troy Nunes.....just kidding. Has to be Jim Brown...although I enjoyed Donny Mac as a kid." - orangerecluse (Don't second guess yourself, recluse. If your gut says Nunes, go Nunes. I did.)

MOOOOOSE" - geterdun71 (NOOOOOOO)

"Athletic Director Daryl Gross whose absolutely brilliant intellect, impeccable political skills, and smooth-talking manner has earned him the total respect & complete loyalty of so many alumni .. we are very impressed."
- crosswave (Well now we know what DOCTOR Gross' online handle is)

By the way, the correct is Donovan McNabb. Who would you rather have representing you? Surly Brown or Photogenic Donny? I thought so...