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All Rise In The Presence Of New Helmet

Rumors abound that we would be seeing a new helmet for the 2008-2009 Syracuse Orange football team this season. Some screenshots from NCAA Football 09 have popped up and if they're to be believe, we have out first look at the new design (I've put last year's design next to it for comparison.

So basically, we've gone from one stripe to three stripes to add a little white into the mix and also added a white outline to the block S. It's a good move. The lack of white in our home uniforms makes them look bulky and oversaturated, a little white highlighting will go a long way.

Here's the real question though...who the hell is this Right Guard with a #90 overall rating and where have we been hiding him???

Also worth noting that the game rates Curtis Brinkley as our #1 running back. Considering there's a very real possibility Greg Robinson uses the EA Sports playbooks and depth charts to make his own decisions, this could be a foreshadowing of things to come.