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Why Wait Until November To Obsess Over Syracuse's Tournament Seed?

Hat tip to Jameson over at CuseAdelphia who noticed someone forgot to lock Joe Lunardi out of the building until December and he's posted a little Bracketology for the 2008-2009 season.

While it is nice to note that Syracuse is involved (currently a #7 ready to take on UAB at a moment's notice), you also have to take note of Lunardi's appreciation for the Big East Conference as a whole. Nine teams from the Big East currently fill his brackets. The next best conference, the ACC, has six. Among them...

Pittsburgh (#1, and the #1 seed overall)

UConn (#2)

Notre Dame (#2)

West Virginia (#4)

Louisville (#5)
Villanova (#5)

Syracuse (#7)

Marquette (#7)

Georgetown (#9)

We like the way you think, Joe. For once...