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Two Seed Or Not Two Seed, That Is The Question

In the Coaches Poll, the SU Men's Lacrosse team were #1 most of the season but recently slipped to #2 behind Duke. According to the Media, they're #2, barely, again behind Duke. In both cases, they're ahead of Virginia. So why then is it possible that the Orange may be looking at a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament? John Jiloty at the NY Times explains...
Another option for the No. 2 seed is Virginia, which beat Syracuse on March 1 at the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic in Baltimore. Kessenich told me Monday that he was hearing the Cavs could usurp the Orange at No. 2. When the numbers are close enough, the N.C.A.A. selection committee goes to head-to-head results, which in this case favors the Cavs.
The Cavs not only have their 14-13 win over the Orange working for them, they also have their ACC membership to tout in the strength of schedule department. They do have three losses but two of them came at the hands of #1 Duke. The other...#8 Maryland.

The Tournament committee is a strange bunch. I'm not terribly familiar with their practices but I do know that they tend to favor scheduling and tradition as much as, if not more than, actual wins (watch and see where 6-5 Johns Hopkins gets ranked...I guess #5 seed). Hell, as bad as SU was last year, they weren't even out of the running for a bid last year until their next-to-last game of the season.

If the Cavs do leapfrog the Orange in the seeding, look for that to be the final straw in the decision for Syracuse to officially confirm membership in (and therefore create) the Big East Conference. The need to bump up the SOS and play teams like Georgetown and Notre Dame twice a year will be greater than ever.