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Today, We're All A Little Belgish

It's Kristof!'s birthday! Oh happy day! Please, take a moment out of your busy schedule to wish the Waffle a little love today. We may not agree on how to pronounce his name (You say O-Ga-Not, I say O-Je-No, let's call the whole thing off), but what we can agree on is that KO is a great guy to root for and a welcome addition to the SU goofy white guy HOF (alongside Elvir, Celuck, Forth and Gorman).

Let's take a trip down memory lane to remember our first year together and cherish the fleeting moments because he'll be a graduating senior, off to play basketball in a European country you didn't realize still existed, before we know it.

when we first learned of this mysterious European JUCO transfer, our hearts were a-twitter with anticipation.

His first start:

"It's ripped away by come the Orange...Kristof!, coast to coast...Kristof! in the paint...SLAMS WITH BOTH HANDS AND A FOUL!!!...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!"

And of course, the
Kristof!Mania that followed it.

We waited with baited breathe to see if Kristof! would show us his Ongenauts...but alas, we were thwarted by shoddy camera work:

SOB Awards for Best Junior and Most Surprising Player sealed the deal on a good season and the promise of an even better one next year.

If you see KO on campus today, let him hear it. If you see him out tonight on M street, buy him a shot, But for the love of God, don't photograph the experience...we have enough problems as it is.