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This Day In Syracuse Basketball National Championship History...

Kansas is preparing the national championship and their coach is probably already out the door, win or lose. God, this all sounds so familiar, doesn't it?

That's right, today is the five-year anniversary of Syracuse's 2003 National Title, or as ESPN refers to it, the last positive thing that ever happened for SU basketball before we became the worst program in the history of college basketball for which we should all be ashamed and just give up already.

Axe compiled the best links of the day and I love that you can still access the ESPN page from the day-after (I guess they're not all bad). The D.O. Sports Blog has a great "Where Are They Now?" rundown with the well-known (Carmelo not snitchin' with the Nuggets), the nice-to-hear (Keuth Duany finishing his master’s degree), the still seemingly absurd (Craig Forth teaching first grade ) and the unfortunate (Billy Edelin working parks and recreation services in Syracuse).

But enough talk. Let's just watch and savor.

Hey, you in the back...start savoring...NOW!